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Rolex Origins: The Cosmograph Daytona
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Watch enthusiasts far and wide continue to be enamored with the Rolex brand, partly because so many of its timepieces boast an indelible association with some landmark event or special place. The distinction of being part of something historically significant simply adds that “little something extra” to each new Rolex offering, with the famed Cosmograph Daytona being no exception.

Daytona, of course, is the beachfront city in Florida famous for racing. Often called the “world capital of speed,” Daytona Beach has hosted high-speed racing events featuring the sports best drivers for years. Rolex began awarding Cosmograph watches to every Daytona event winner beginning in 1963, which was also the year of the watch’s inception. In the years since, Rolex and Daytona have continued to strengthen their association, with Rolex in 1992 assuming the role of Daytona’s official timepiece while becoming the Sponsor of the 24-hour endurance race the Daytona 24 (now know as the Rolex 24 at Daytona).

And then there’s the watch. The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona was billed as a next generation chronograph crafted with race car drivers in mind, and it certainly lived up to its billing. Wrought from Rolex’s exclusive high alloy, 904L stainless steel, the Cosmograph Daytona featured an innovative tachymetric scale finely etched onto the circumference of the bezel. This graduated scale allowed race car drivers to quickly calculate their average speed over a particular distance, and soon became indispensable for many.

Years later, Rolex upgraded the Cosmograph with the Calibre 4130, a groundbreaking,

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What You Did Not Know About Rolex’s Watchmaking Process
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It’s well-known throughout the watch industry that Rolex guards its trade secrets about as closely as Fort Knox. And interestingly, the mystique that this tight-lipped approach casts over its brand actually adds to its appeal in the eyes of many consumers. But fortunately for us, the Swiss luxury timepiece giant will occasionally allow a journalist or two limited access for a small glimpse of just what makes Rolex tick (pun intended).

Ariel Adams, a prolific writer who presides over the watch authority website A Blog to Watch, was recently allowed inside four Swiss Rolex manufacturing facilities for a brief tour. He was not allowed to take photos, so he reported some interesting facts and tidbits in his blog, 10 of which we will share here:

10 Things to Know About Rolex

  1. Rolex only uses the most expensive steel because it produces a superior look. The grade of steel Rolex uses for its watches is called 904L steel, and almost no other watchmakers use it. Why? Because it’s difficult to work with and requires special tools and expertise. It also produces a flat-out superior watch with a great tactile feel and weight, which you will notice immediately when handling a Rolex watch.
  2. Rolex created its own science lab. From testing new technologies, experimenting with various metals, to meticulously refining their already precise manufacturing process, Rolex uses a multitude of science labs for its watchmaking process.
  3. Rolex assembles all movements, and tests them by hand. Machines don’t build Rolex watches; human hands

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How the Rolex Oyster Set the Foundation for Future Rolex Watches
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Considered one of Rolex’s “flagship” watch models, the Oyster was released way back in 1926.  As the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster was indeed a standard bearer that laid important structural and design foundations that many later Rolex models would be based on. For instance, most of the Rolex watches made today, nearly 90 years later, use the same case design as the original Oyster. And it’s the charter member of the exclusive Oyster Professional collection of Rolex watches, which came into being in 1953.

So what was the thinking behind the Rolex Oyster? Basically, the Oyster is a timepiece with the hands-on professional in mind. Hence, the layout and design is built around functionality, durability, and utility. From the beginning, the Oyster was meant to be more than a timepiece; it was intended a functional tool. Oysters are equipped with sturdier cases and extra safety features, and they undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that they hold up under the most extreme conditions. This durability makes them perfect for enterprising race car drivers, pilots, divers, climbers, explorers, as well as those involved in scientific and/or industrial work.

Rolex Oyster Professional Category

As mentioned, the Rolex Oyster Professional category was born in 1953. The category comprises several highly utilitarian watch models, with a few prominent examples listed below:

  • The Submariner – Used by divers, the Submariner was the first waterproof timepiece to depths of 100 meters. It also featured a cool rotatable bezel, perfect for divers to track how

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Why Rolex Has Such a Strong Reputation Worldwide
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When a consumer hears the words, “Rolex,” images of quality, refinement, class, and success undoubtedly come to mind. Such is the power of the global brand and luxury watchmaker Rolex. In fact, the value and status that the Rolex name conveys is so pervasive that market research shows that, as a whole, the pre-owned Rolex market generates considerably more revenue than the market for new Rolex watches. People simply want Rolex watches, and they’ll happily and proudly wear a pre-owned one if necessary.

So just how did Rolex become such a behemoth as a luxury watch brand? The Reputation Institute, which does a yearly study on global brands called the RepTrak 100, may be able to shed some light on the issue. The 2014 RepTrak worldwide study, which analyzes data gleaned from consumer surveys, found that Rolex is tied for second (alongside carmaker BMW) among the top 100 most reputable consumer companies in the world, trailing only Google and Walt Disney. Additionally, the Swiss watchmaker ranked No.1 for companies that only produce consumer products.

The Reputation Institute states that what all of the top-ranked companies share is an ironclad trust amongst consumers, as well an uncanny knack for creating themes and narratives around their products that people naturally want to be associated with. What’s doubly impressive about Rolex, compared to the other top brands, is unlike the ubiquitous Google for example, not many people actually own a Rolex nor see one in their day-to-day lives. Still, Rolex has leveraged its

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Rolex Extends 23 Year Sponsorship of Rolex 24 at Daytona
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Iconic watch brand Rolex recently announced an extension of their longstanding partnership with Daytona International Speedway, where Rolex has been the primary sponsor of the Rolex 24 at Daytona since 1992.  The relationship between the two world-renowned brands, which began back in 1963, also continues Rolex’s role as Daytona’s official timepiece.  As is standard with Rolex, no terms of the agreement were released to the public.

Noteworthy in the new deal, however, was Rolex garnering naming rights for Daytona’s front stretch lounge, part of the highly-anticipated Daytona Rising renovation project. The $400 million makeover, which is scheduled to be completed in February 2016, includes additional branding opportunities for Rolex throughout the Speedway.

Along with being the primary Daytona sponsor, Rolex has awarded its prestigious Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona to all event winners since 1963. The Cosmograph has been dubbed the “ultimate chronograph,” and upon close inspection, it’s not hard to see why. Dedicated exclusively to race drivers, the watch boasts not only impeccable craftsmanship and a sporty look and feel, but a space-aged, tachymetric scale on its bezel. Used for quick calculations of average speed over a given distance, the elegantly crafted bezel is a nod to daring race drivers the world over. The Cosmograph is a member of the exclusive “Professional” category created by the luxury watchmaker, which counts such models such as the Explorer and Submariner among its members.

Spokesman for both DIS and Rolex were effusive to the media in expressing their excitement over the renewing of

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Why Everyone Wants a Rolex Watch Sooner or Later
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I bet it would be nearly impossible to stop a person on the street, ask them what a “Rolex” is, and they not be able to tell you. Everyone knows what a Rolex is, and those who don’t own one (or several) probably wouldn’t mind having one. The stately crown Rolex uses as its logo and emblem, the associations with the upper crust of sports, business, and society in general, the backstory draped in mystique, the weighty, glimmering steel timepieces with the handsomely appointed dials and bezels – they’re all part of what makes Rolex the super brand it is, and why it has attained such a lofty perch in the minds of consumers.

Why Rolex Watches?

So beyond the obvious, why do people want a Rolex? Let us count a few ways:

  • To celebrate an achievement – Just as race car drivers, golf tournament winners, and other sportsmen enjoy receiving Rolex watches as a reward for their victorious achievements, everyday folks strive to commemorate their crowning triumphs in similar fashion. Maybe it’s a college graduation, that first big raise or promotion, the birth of a child (and eventual heir to that Rolex), or some other personal milestone, the watch brand most closely linked with success is the one people want to associate their meaningful achievements with.
  • To own a watch that holds its value – It’s been said that a well-kept Rolex watch is almost like having currency, so high its resale value. For example, a Rolex watch has

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Rolex Origins: The Rolex President (Day-Date)
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For what seems like forever, Rolex watches have naturally been associated with heads of State, generals, and various other world leaders. Powerful men and stately, high-caliber wristwatches have always made a perfect match, a fact not lost on the iconic Swiss watchmaker. Hence, the modern Rolex with by far the most prestige, and worn by more luminaries than any other watch brand: the Rolex Day-Date.

Released in 1956, the Rolex Day-Date was the first wristwatch to feature the full, spelled-out date along the top of the dial. And in place of the “three” on the dial was an aperture that shows the date as well. The Day-Date earned the moniker “President” due to Rolex in 1980’s briefly referring to the Day-Date as the “Rolex President Day-Date Chronometer” in certain advertisement campaigns. The nickname was likely attributable to Rolex paying homage to the many recent presidents photographed wearing the venerable Day-Date, and when they eventually stopped referring to the watches in that manner, the catchy nickname stuck anyway.

Besides the fuss over what to call it, the Day-Date itself is a brilliant amalgam of style and function. It has a traditional Oyster case, which means its guaranteed waterproof to depths of up to 100 meters. The case is also exclusively crafted in either 950 platinum or 18 ct. gold, which underscores that this Rolex watch is all about stateliness and nobility. Additionally, an 18.ct crown clasp adorns either a soft alligator leather strap or a solid gold bracelet, designed to making putting

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How to Recognize If A Rolex Watch is Stolen
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Rolex watches are synonymous with wealth and luxury, much like caviar, yachts, and Bentley automobiles. Big-time movie stars, royalty and aristocrats, industry magnates, and global athletes enjoy being associated with Rolex. The attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and the high-quality materials that goes into Rolex watches also contribute to their value. They have an incredibly high resale value, and are not only status symbols, but real financial investments that bring solid returns.

Consumers understand these things about Rolex watches, which explains why they are so coveted and adored. It also explains why they are so often stolen, since watch thieves also understand the monetary value of a Rolex timepiece. In fact, a search of Google News for “Rolex” will show an alarming trend: the majority of Rolex-related news items involves robberies of some kind.

The facts are clear: There are a considerable number of stolen Rolex watches in circulation. If you believe that you have received, or are in the vicinity of a stolen Rolex, you can take the following steps to determine if the watch is indeed stolen:

Identifying a Stolen Rolex

  1. Rolex maintains a Lost and Stolen Database. If you call them directly and provide the serial number of the watch in question, they can confirm whether the watch has been entered into their database, and reported lost/stolen.
  2. You can also check the serial number through the Rolex Tracker website. The site acts as an online Lost and Stolen Database, and can also be used to verify a

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Rolex Makes Its Presence Felt at The Golden Globe Awards
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Dazzling, shiny and beautiful usually describes the women walking the red carpet at every award show.  This year’s Golden Globe Awards , however, was different.

Instead, men’s fashion was also a focal point including Ryan Seacrest’s wrist that wore a vintage, stainless steel Rolex Daytona underneath a perfectly tailored tuxedo cuff, framing the smaller, classic chronograph face against the black formalwear.  The timeless tuxedo was paired with a complementary timepiece which was likely from the late 1960s’ Rolex Daytona collection.  The stainless steel face and bezel with its black pump pushers, while casually elegant, fit the occasion and the host wearing it.

The Swiss manufactured Rolex is the most recognizable luxury timepiece in the world.  It is the status symbol of success among athletes, CEOs and celebrities alike, especially since Rolex only partners with a certain type of celebrity. Whether purchased new or vintage, Rolex is always a wise investment since it retains its resale value better than any other luxury watch.

Rolex is not only the ultimate fashion statement, as displayed on the red carpet by Ryan Seacrest, but it’s also the ultimate symbol of success as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies wear Rolexes in boardrooms across the world.  The feel of the Rolex bracelet is unmistakable and anyone who owns a Rolex can attest to that.  The balanced weight and brilliance are features that no other watch can replicate.

When CEOs or Hollywood’s elite CHOOSE Rolex over other timepieces, it further validates Rolex’s status, versatility and elegance.  Vintage

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Frankenwatches and How They Impact the Rolex Brand
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If you need further proof of just how coveted vintage luxury watches (like Rolex) are to collectors and enthusiasts, look no further than the recent record-breaking $13 million sale for a mere fifty vintage pre-owned Rolex watches. Christie’s Auction House hosted and brokered the deal, dubbed Rolex Daytona Lesson One, and the huge sums involved effectively underscores the outsized demand for vintage luxury timepieces in the collector’s market.

It also casts light on why fraud on the vintage luxury market is on the rise, and continues to be a problem. Counterfeiters and unscrupulous dealers will sometimes advertise a vintage Rolex as “100% authentic” but in fact the watch may have had parts like the bezel or dial replaced. Those parts may or may not be actual Rolex replacements, but in the end it doesn’t matter. These doctored watches, called “Frankenwatches” by watch industry insiders, are considered inauthentic and become greatly devalued in the eyes of exacting and discerning collectors.

One such recent, highly publicized case of fraud by way of the Frankenwatch involved pop star Jon Mayer. Mayer, an avid vintage watch enthusiast, was sold several vintage Rolex watches by his L.A based dealer that turned out to be Frankenwatches. How did Mayer find out he had been defrauded? He went to straight to the source, Rolex, who examined the watches and deemed them altered. After being unable to reach a resolution with his formerly trusted dealer, Mayer is now involved in legal litigation to recoup his over $600,000 investment.

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