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Aftermarket Customizations to a Rolex

Bamford Watch Department’s Customized Rolex Watches
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Although venerable and steeped in rich tradition, one of Rolex’s main selling points is its inimitability; That is, on the strength of a hundred years of experimentation, innovation, and cultivation, its competitors simply don’t possess the expertise or resources to produce a luxury timepiece to rival Rolex, in quality or craftsmanship. In short, a Rolex watch is a wholly unique creation, and that inherent uniqueness is part of its perfection.

It’s one of the sturdy pillars that the Rolex brand is built upon, which explains why the Swiss watchmaker is occasionally rankled at the opportunistic aftermarket supplier who deems it necessary to modify an original Rolex. That brings us to George Bamford, who by the way, isn’t just any old watch customizer. His company, Bamford Watch Department, based in London, is the leading Rolex customizer in the world. BWD’s company motto is, “if you can imagine it, we can create it,” and it’s one Bamford definitely takes to heart, as evidenced by the unique and daring ways his company will customize a traditional Rolex watch.

Bamford, son of a British construction baron, received a Rolex watch as a gift in his late teens. He was completely smitten with the timepiece, until he arrived at a dinner party to disappointedly discover that many of his associates were sporting the exact same watch. This disappointment fueled his desire to possess a luxury item that was both exclusive and unique, and turned out to be the impetus for the creation of BWD.


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What You Should Know About Aftermarket Rolex Customizations
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If you’re considering the purchase of a Rolex, or you already own a Rolex, you may have also given thought to taking advantage of certain aftermarket customization options. A few common choices include “blacking out” the watch, adding aftermarket diamonds to the bezel, changing the dial or replacing the bracelet portion of the watch. There are advantages and disadvantages to making customizations to a watch, and they can have a big impact on value and a number of other factors, so before you make changes to your investment, it’s good to weigh both the pros and the cons.

The Advantages of Aftermarket Customizations

Changing your Rolex with aftermarket additions is similar to ordering a customized luxury vehicle. If you pay a great deal of money for your watch, you want it to be suited to your exact tastes and specifications, and that’s what you’ll get with custom options. You can create a one-of-a-kind watch, that’s like no other design in the world, and for some people, that advantage is worth any downside.

In addition to having a completely unique timepiece, another benefit of aftermarket customizations is that you may be able to get items at a less expensive cost than you would if you purchased your Rolex with these options. One of the primary examples is diamond bezels. Rolex offers watches that already have diamond bezels, but this is going to be significantly more expensive than a model without a diamond bezel. People may be able to save money by

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