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How Did Movie Director James Cameron Garner Such a Rare Honor From Rolex?
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In addition to the more conventional adjectives like stylish and elegant, Rolex as a watch brand can also be described as conservative and exclusive. Conservative as in being reserved and measured in how the brand markets itself, and exclusive insofar as aligning only with brand ambassadors of the highest caliber. In short, Rolex doesn’t associate with just anybody; The Swiss watchmaker has long limited its official representatives to innovators, icons, leaders, and global athletes (golf, tennis, Formula-1, etc.) at the top of their respective fields.

And when Rolex does partner with an endorser, they’re certainly not in the practice of creating special edition watches just for them. So how did Academy Award-winning film director James Cameron recently garner such a rare honor from the luxury timepiece maker, considering he isn’t even an official endorser?

As it turns out, Cameron does indeed have an association with Rolex, albeit not a typical one. In 2012, Cameron enlisted the aid of Rolex and several other companies to help design Deepsea Challenger, a submersible vessel built to dive to the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean. Over the years Cameron, an avid underwater explorer, has completed dozens of deep sea explorations, but this time he also wanted to capture footage for an upcoming film to be titled Deepsea Challenge 3D. And Rolex, with its exacting manufacturing standards, sophisticated in-house science laboratory, and precision fabrication methods, was more than willing to lend its considerable engineering expertise to the task.

In 2012, during the eventual diving

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