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Why Everyone Wants a Rolex Watch Sooner or Later
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I bet it would be nearly impossible to stop a person on the street, ask them what a “Rolex” is, and they not be able to tell you. Everyone knows what a Rolex is, and those who don’t own one (or several) probably wouldn’t mind having one. The stately crown Rolex uses as its logo and emblem, the associations with the upper crust of sports, business, and society in general, the backstory draped in mystique, the weighty, glimmering steel timepieces with the handsomely appointed dials and bezels – they’re all part of what makes Rolex the super brand it is, and why it has attained such a lofty perch in the minds of consumers.

Why Rolex Watches?

So beyond the obvious, why do people want a Rolex? Let us count a few ways:

  • To celebrate an achievement – Just as race car drivers, golf tournament winners, and other sportsmen enjoy receiving Rolex watches as a reward for their victorious achievements, everyday folks strive to commemorate their crowning triumphs in similar fashion. Maybe it’s a college graduation, that first big raise or promotion, the birth of a child (and eventual heir to that Rolex), or some other personal milestone, the watch brand most closely linked with success is the one people want to associate their meaningful achievements with.
  • To own a watch that holds its value – It’s been said that a well-kept Rolex watch is almost like having currency, so high its resale value. For example, a Rolex watch has

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Frankenwatches and How They Impact the Rolex Brand
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If you need further proof of just how coveted vintage luxury watches (like Rolex) are to collectors and enthusiasts, look no further than the recent record-breaking $13 million sale for a mere fifty vintage pre-owned Rolex watches. Christie’s Auction House hosted and brokered the deal, dubbed Rolex Daytona Lesson One, and the huge sums involved effectively underscores the outsized demand for vintage luxury timepieces in the collector’s market.

It also casts light on why fraud on the vintage luxury market is on the rise, and continues to be a problem. Counterfeiters and unscrupulous dealers will sometimes advertise a vintage Rolex as “100% authentic” but in fact the watch may have had parts like the bezel or dial replaced. Those parts may or may not be actual Rolex replacements, but in the end it doesn’t matter. These doctored watches, called “Frankenwatches” by watch industry insiders, are considered inauthentic and become greatly devalued in the eyes of exacting and discerning collectors.

One such recent, highly publicized case of fraud by way of the Frankenwatch involved pop star Jon Mayer. Mayer, an avid vintage watch enthusiast, was sold several vintage Rolex watches by his L.A based dealer that turned out to be Frankenwatches. How did Mayer find out he had been defrauded? He went to straight to the source, Rolex, who examined the watches and deemed them altered. After being unable to reach a resolution with his formerly trusted dealer, Mayer is now involved in legal litigation to recoup his over $600,000 investment.

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How Switzerland Became a Watchmaking Powerhouse
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Patek Philippe vintage luxury watches regularly sell for millions at auctions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Vacheron Constatin is a major player in the luxury watch market. And of course, there is Rolex, only one of the most recognizable and trusted consumer brands in the entire world. What common trait do all these companies, and many other leading watchmakers, share? They’re all based in Switzerland, a country seemingly endowed with a special knack for churning out the best of the best when it comes to timepieces. So how was it that the Swiss, even in the face of stiff competition from other nations, came to completely dominate the luxury watch market we know today?

The story of how Swiss watchmaking came to be and evolved is a long tale that dates back several centuries. It would be impossible to cover the entire story here, but we’ve outlined a few of the key milestones that occurred along the way:

Early 16th Century: Peter Henlein, a German watchmaker, is noted as the first person to miniaturize clocks small enough to be worn as clothing accessories.

1770: French horologist Jean-Antoine Lépine invented the Lepine caliber, which enabled the introduction of a less bulky, pocket watch that was in high demand at the time.

1880: Frederick Japy ushered in a new era of watch mass production by adapting the Lepine caliber to factory-level production. Key with this development was how it was especially advantageous to industrious Swiss peasants and farmers, who could spend the

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How To Spot a Counterfeit Rolex Watch
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Unsurprisingly, Rolex is one of the most counterfeited luxury watches today due to its status among the worlds elite. Fake Rolexes are fairly easy to spot if you know what to look for.  While we always suggest purchasing from a reputable web or jewelry store,  we’ve provided a few ways to recognize if the Rolex you’re interested in purchasing is counterfeit.

1. If you look at the dial and the second hand has a jerky motion to it instead of a smooth movement, it’s a fake.  Listen to the watch-there should be no ticking.  A true Rolex is silent.

2. Another way to spot a fake Rolex is by the weight of the watch. Fake Rolex watches weigh less, making them feel noticeably lighter on the wrist.  A real Rolex weighs significantly more than a fake because of the quality of metals used.

3. The watch winder on the side of the watch can be another way to spot a fake.  A real Rolex winder has a “crown” look and is truly a piece of art.  The fake Rolex watch winder is nothing more than a grooved knob.

4. Looking at the date on the dial is also important. The Cyclops window of the real Rolex watch magnifies the date 2.5x the norm but a counterfeit watch’s date maintains its original size.

5. The dial should also be examined for perfect lettering using a magnifying glass.  The writing should look perfect on a real Rolex and should also be convex

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