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Rolex Formula 1 Partnership

An Overview of Rolex’s Commitment to Motor Sports
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Since its launch in 1905, Rolex has long committed itself to an active lifestyle, whether it’s their manufacturing of collections suited for sports or extreme environments (e.g. diving, race car driving, climbing, caving, aviation) as well as their partnerships and endorsements of sporting events such as the Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway (since 1992) or its recent partnership with Formula 1 motor racing.

In 1926, the Swiss watchmaking company developed and patented the world’s very first waterproof wristwatch, naming it the Rolex Oyster.  This watch became the basis for all future sport collections that have been worn by athletes swimming the English Channel, deep-sea divers, mountain climbers, pilots as well as yachting enthusiasts and race car drivers. The foundation of the Oyster has proven its durability and perfect timekeeping after hours underwater or driving at high speeds, as well as flying at high altitudes. The Oyster has aided various record-setting swimmers, divers, mountain climbers, explorers, pilots and motor racers.

To mark the beginning of Rolex’s place in motor sports, in 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed world record, driving over the 300 mile per hour barrier, in the Napier-Campbell Blue Bird.  Sir Malcolm was wearing a Rolex Oyster at the time of this record-setting feat.  From there, Rolex’s involvement in motor racing and sports progressed every decade.

By the late ’50s and early ’60s, it was a natural partnership for Rolex to sponsor motor racing events including events at Florida’s Daytona International Speedway. Because of their involvement

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