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Rolex in Sports & Pop Culture

Rolex Extends 23 Year Sponsorship of Rolex 24 at Daytona
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Iconic watch brand Rolex recently announced an extension of their longstanding partnership with Daytona International Speedway, where Rolex has been the primary sponsor of the Rolex 24 at Daytona since 1992.  The relationship between the two world-renowned brands, which began back in 1963, also continues Rolex’s role as Daytona’s official timepiece.  As is standard with Rolex, no terms of the agreement were released to the public.

Noteworthy in the new deal, however, was Rolex garnering naming rights for Daytona’s front stretch lounge, part of the highly-anticipated Daytona Rising renovation project. The $400 million makeover, which is scheduled to be completed in February 2016, includes additional branding opportunities for Rolex throughout the Speedway.

Along with being the primary Daytona sponsor, Rolex has awarded its prestigious Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona to all event winners since 1963. The Cosmograph has been dubbed the “ultimate chronograph,” and upon close inspection, it’s not hard to see why. Dedicated exclusively to race drivers, the watch boasts not only impeccable craftsmanship and a sporty look and feel, but a space-aged, tachymetric scale on its bezel. Used for quick calculations of average speed over a given distance, the elegantly crafted bezel is a nod to daring race drivers the world over. The Cosmograph is a member of the exclusive “Professional” category created by the luxury watchmaker, which counts such models such as the Explorer and Submariner among its members.

Spokesman for both DIS and Rolex were effusive to the media in expressing their excitement over the renewing of

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The World’s Top Athletes and the Prestigious Rolex Connection
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In 2013, it seemed Tiger Woods had once again risen to the top, despite a few tumultuous and scandalous years. The superstar golfer was named as the top paid sportsman of the year by Forbes. Part of the reason for his huge earnings in 2013? He’s employed by the world’s top watchmaker: Rolex.

Rolex has a history of entering into sponsorships with the world’s most talented and visible athletes, and Woods is no exception. In 2013, Woods brought in an astounding $78.1 million according to Forbes. That’s quite a payday, thanks in great part to Rolex.

Woods is no stranger to watch sponsorships, having inked past deals with Tudor, a sister line of Rolex, and Tag Heuer, but obtaining a sponsorship with Rolex is the best of the best in the world of sports.

The Long History of Rolex and Golf

It’s not just Tiger Woods who’s earned massive earnings thanks to a prestigious deal with Rolex. The watchmaker has a longstanding relationship with the professional golf industry.

In the 1960s, Rolex became associated with golf through endorsement deals with the “big three,” Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Nicklaus, who is perhaps one of the biggest legends in golf, has been photographed countless times wearing a Rolex for over 50 years.

Aside from his endorsement deal, Tiger himself has also been seen wearing a Rolex in photographs. His Rolex of choice? The Deep Sea Sea-Dweller.

Tennis and Rolex

It’s not just golf that draws lucrative Rolex sponsorships—tennis

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The Top 3 Most Iconic Rolex Watches in History
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Rolex is one of the most well-known and timeless global brands to ever exist, and part of the appeal of these timepieces is the fact that they have a rich and iconic history. Rolex watches do something that no other watch can—they tell a story. There are watches that were purchased to mark a major life milestone, those that have been passed down through the generations, or just those specific Rolex models that have played a role in history.

Rolex watches have been worn by Hollywood legends, both on and off screen, sports stars, and even during historical accomplishments, such as during the first climb of Mt. Everest.

We’ve compiled a list of the top three most iconic, and revered Rolex watches:

The Paul Newman Daytona

The Paul Newman Daytona is a chronograph with history. Rolex first introduced the chronograph watch in 1937, and they’re known for their ability to perform a time-measurement function, similar to that of a stopwatch. In 1961, Rolex released a version of this watch that became known as the Daytona, because of its association with racing—the unique ability of the watch to calculate average lap speeds made it a hit among racers.

Actor Paul Newman became an instant fan of the Daytona, particularly as he was known as an avid racer, and was pictured in numerous photographs, magazine covers and even movies wearing the watch. Paul Newman, unlike many other actors, never officially endorsed the Rolex brand, but after wearing them for decades, his name

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Tennis Star Roger Federer Shows Off His Rolex Watch Collection
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Tennis Champ, Roger Federer, recently showed off some of his prized Rolex Watches.  Federer is a long-time endorser of Rolex so this video offers glimpse into his favorite Rolex timepieces and the story behind each.  Rolexes have always been a major of sports and popular culture so it’s no surprise that one of the greatest athletes of the past decade is so passionate about his Rolex collection.

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