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Rolex Extends 23 Year Sponsorship of Rolex 24 at Daytona
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Iconic watch brand Rolex recently announced an extension of their longstanding partnership with Daytona International Speedway, where Rolex has been the primary sponsor of the Rolex 24 at Daytona since 1992.  The relationship between the two world-renowned brands, which began back in 1963, also continues Rolex’s role as Daytona’s official timepiece.  As is standard with Rolex, no terms of the agreement were released to the public.

Noteworthy in the new deal, however, was Rolex garnering naming rights for Daytona’s front stretch lounge, part of the highly-anticipated Daytona Rising renovation project. The $400 million makeover, which is scheduled to be completed in February 2016, includes additional branding opportunities for Rolex throughout the Speedway.

Along with being the primary Daytona sponsor, Rolex has awarded its prestigious Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona to all event winners since 1963. The Cosmograph has been dubbed the “ultimate chronograph,” and upon close inspection, it’s not hard to see why. Dedicated exclusively to race drivers, the watch boasts not only impeccable craftsmanship and a sporty look and feel, but a space-aged, tachymetric scale on its bezel. Used for quick calculations of average speed over a given distance, the elegantly crafted bezel is a nod to daring race drivers the world over. The Cosmograph is a member of the exclusive “Professional” category created by the luxury watchmaker, which counts such models such as the Explorer and Submariner among its members.

Spokesman for both DIS and Rolex were effusive to the media in expressing their excitement over the renewing of

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How Did Movie Director James Cameron Garner Such a Rare Honor From Rolex?
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In addition to the more conventional adjectives like stylish and elegant, Rolex as a watch brand can also be described as conservative and exclusive. Conservative as in being reserved and measured in how the brand markets itself, and exclusive insofar as aligning only with brand ambassadors of the highest caliber. In short, Rolex doesn’t associate with just anybody; The Swiss watchmaker has long limited its official representatives to innovators, icons, leaders, and global athletes (golf, tennis, Formula-1, etc.) at the top of their respective fields.

And when Rolex does partner with an endorser, they’re certainly not in the practice of creating special edition watches just for them. So how did Academy Award-winning film director James Cameron recently garner such a rare honor from the luxury timepiece maker, considering he isn’t even an official endorser?

As it turns out, Cameron does indeed have an association with Rolex, albeit not a typical one. In 2012, Cameron enlisted the aid of Rolex and several other companies to help design Deepsea Challenger, a submersible vessel built to dive to the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean. Over the years Cameron, an avid underwater explorer, has completed dozens of deep sea explorations, but this time he also wanted to capture footage for an upcoming film to be titled Deepsea Challenge 3D. And Rolex, with its exacting manufacturing standards, sophisticated in-house science laboratory, and precision fabrication methods, was more than willing to lend its considerable engineering expertise to the task.

In 2012, during the eventual diving

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Record-Breaking Sotheby’s Auction Features Rare Rolex Watches
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November 21 saw Sotheby’s of New York host the estate auction of the late philanthropist and horticulturist Bunny Mellon, whose coveted collection of jewelry and artwork broke several auction records. Among the highly sought-after paintings and fine jewels – including an exquisite 9.7 carat blue diamond that sold for an auction-record $32 million – were a set of 17 rare, Tiffany-branded Rolex watches that collectively fetched over $200K at the estate sale.

Bunny Mellon, a well-known socialite with a reputation for refined tastes and impeccable style, bought the watches as keepsakes for the guests of a dinner party she planned to host in the early 80’s (the party never actually took place). Although it’s exceedingly rare these days, Rolex at one time allowed select partners to feature their insignias on Rolex watch dials as part of a joint branding effort. Eventually, Rolex put a stop to the practice so not to dilute the brand, and the few remaining “Tiffany dial” Rolex’s in circulation became instant collectibles.

The 17-piece collection – each auctioned off in its own separate lot – consisted of five OysterDates, two Datejusts, eight Explorers, a single two-tone Air King, and a lone Oysterquartz Datejust. In addition to the prominently displayed “Tiffany & Co.” insignia on the front dial, each watch features a name engraving of the particular dinner guest it was bought for on back surface.

The Explorers were easily the most sought-after of the set, with one fetching $21k when the hotly contested bidding was over.

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Rolex Announces Finalists for Arts and Culture Philanthropic Program
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We’ve been focusing a lot recently on the role of Rolex as an icon in the sports and racing worlds, but Rolex is also a pivotal player when it comes to fostering global innovation through arts and culture.

The watchmaker recently announced the finalists for their annual Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.

The Finalists

Rolex conducts a yearly search around the world to find 25 finalists in the fields of: architecture, dance, film, literature, musical theater and visual arts.

From the 25 finalists, who range in age from 22-38, one artist in each focus area will be selected for a year-long mentorship and protégé program. Every year, Rolex selects the most renowned artists and creators in each category to serve as mentors to the young and talented individuals.

The finalists were selected from a pool of 154 nominees, from a total of 21 countries. Every region of the world was represented during the nomination process.

Rebecca Irvin, who serves as the Rolex Head of Philanthropy, made a statement on the finalists and pointed out the privilege of working with talented emerging artists from around the globe.

The Program

Rolex started the Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative in 2002 in order to make their own unique contribution to culture, on a global scale.

During the year-long one-to-one mentorship, some of the world’s most talented people are brought together with young people, and they receive a lifetime of benefits as a result of being chosen to participate in the program.


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The World’s Top Athletes and the Prestigious Rolex Connection
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In 2013, it seemed Tiger Woods had once again risen to the top, despite a few tumultuous and scandalous years. The superstar golfer was named as the top paid sportsman of the year by Forbes. Part of the reason for his huge earnings in 2013? He’s employed by the world’s top watchmaker: Rolex.

Rolex has a history of entering into sponsorships with the world’s most talented and visible athletes, and Woods is no exception. In 2013, Woods brought in an astounding $78.1 million according to Forbes. That’s quite a payday, thanks in great part to Rolex.

Woods is no stranger to watch sponsorships, having inked past deals with Tudor, a sister line of Rolex, and Tag Heuer, but obtaining a sponsorship with Rolex is the best of the best in the world of sports.

The Long History of Rolex and Golf

It’s not just Tiger Woods who’s earned massive earnings thanks to a prestigious deal with Rolex. The watchmaker has a longstanding relationship with the professional golf industry.

In the 1960s, Rolex became associated with golf through endorsement deals with the “big three,” Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Nicklaus, who is perhaps one of the biggest legends in golf, has been photographed countless times wearing a Rolex for over 50 years.

Aside from his endorsement deal, Tiger himself has also been seen wearing a Rolex in photographs. His Rolex of choice? The Deep Sea Sea-Dweller.

Tennis and Rolex

It’s not just golf that draws lucrative Rolex sponsorships—tennis

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The Ultimate Power Couple: Rolex and TED
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Since its inception in 1905, Rolex has been one of the most influential, respected and revered names in the world. Everyone from U.S. Presidents to military leaders have donned the ever-impressive Rolex, and the company has continued to excite and inspire with new, forward-thinking designs and ideas, combined with traditional elements.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise the Rolex company is teaming up with TED, to promote innovation and thought-provoking dialogue.

What is TED?

In case you haven’t heard of TED, it’s a revolutionary non-profit that first got its start in 1985. What initially began as a conference uniting leaders from the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design, has now grown to be much more.

TED is responsible for creating not only two annual conferences, but also an award winning TEDTalks video site, among other things.

At, users are able to access talks, for free, from the world’s most powerful leaders, innovators and thinkers.

The talks are branded “ideas worth spreading” and they’ve created a global source of information, idea-sharing and engagement.

Since November 2012, there have been more than a billion views of various TEDTalks, and they continue to gain traction among fans and viewers on an international basis.

The Rolex Brand

Rolex doesn’t just represent the ultimate mark of luxury. Rather, Rolex is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, and throughout their long history they’ve continued to lead the way in the watch industry.

Rolex created and patented the world’s first waterproof wristwatch—the Oyster—which

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Smartwatches: A Threat to the Longevity of the Rolex? (Think Again.)
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2013 has been a big year for the smartwatch. From Samsung to Apple, all the big tech names are looking to enter into the market with smartwatch designs. At their best, they’re meant to be the ultimate wearable accessory, delivering the utmost in technological advancement and functionality. Companies hoping to launch successful smartwatches plan to offer everything from the ability to check text messages to the opportunity to use it as an actual remote control.

With big ideas about the smartwatch, it has some consumers and watch industry experts questioning how this technology would affect luxury watch makers—specifically Rolex. The smartwatch is being touted as the go-to wrist accessory, which has always been a role definitively occupied by Rolex.

With the introduction of watches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, some people involved in the watch industry are pointing to the possibility that smartwatches will replace the need for luxury models that have always been recognized as the premier status symbol throughout the world.

Despite buzz, most people believe Rolex will continue to maintain as the preeminent name in high-end watches. For centuries, Rolex has persevered and held its title as the best watch in the world. In the 1970s, the company had to adapt to the influx of watchmakers offering quartz options, but despite the challenges, Rolex rebounded and became more successful than ever. Deloitte, a consulting firm, recently conducted a survey of Swiss watchmakers, and more than 2/3 of company executives reported that they felt smartwatches would be no

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Rolex: The Ultimate Symbol of Success?
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A few years ago, millionaire advertising magnate Jacque Seguela was asked about his close friend, French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s choice to wear a Rolex watch, worth more than 10,000 euros. Seguela caused quite a stir when he responded that he absolutely approved of Sarkozy’s watch choice, saying “Everyone has a Rolex. If you don’t have a Rolex by the time you reach 50, then you have clearly failed in your life.”

While Seguela’s comment was considered tone deaf by many, particularly as the residents of France were struggling with soaring unemployment and a worldwide global crisis, many couldn’t help but think there was a ring of truth to what he said.

Sarkozy isn’t the first politician to wear a Rolex timepiece—in fact, many American presidents have also been spotted wearing these elegant, finely-crafted watches, including Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Gerald Ford.

One particular Rolex, the Submariner, has gained such an iconic status throughout the world that it’s been shown in everything from James Bond movies to international advertisements. The Submariner is so immensely popular and recognizable that it’s the most counterfeited watch in the world.

All of this has many of us wondering, was the 60-year-old Seguela right? Is a Rolex is the ultimate sign of success?

Rolex is truly a force to reckoned with. Founded in 1905, the company has a rich history of providing watches that are sophisticated, elegant and functional. It’s one of the few luxury items that combines practicality and stunning beauty and design.

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