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Rolex Sea-Dweller

A Profile of The Rolex Sea Dweller
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Why we love it:

The Rolex Sea Dweller is one of the Swiss watch maker’s finest pieces. Often cited as the best line of diving watches in the world, it’s also the last great diving watch made. Finding a new Sea Dweller is almost impossible. Collectors wage war against each other for a second hand time piece from this line, and that’s not an exaggeration.

With a legendary status, cult popularity and absolutely magnificent engineering, the Sea Dweller is a worldwide favorite. Weighty yet extremely comfortable, wearers forget the timepieces are even on their wrists until commented upon.

The Sea Dweller features a rotating bezel and black dial that makes reading the watch easy, even at 4000 feet below the sea. This is the most ruggedly tough watch and its history is an interesting one. This watch must be manually wound, but the movement is silky smooth. Even Rolex is impressed!


Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises (COMEX), a world famous French underwater engineering and hyperbaric technology company teamed up with Swiss watchmaker Rolex to create the very best divers watch imaginable. Because the French company began servicing deep sea off-shore oil rigs and no watch could withstand the demands of the job, they came to Rolex. A world-class diver’s watch was borne.

Changes and Styles:

Since the 1960s, COMEX and Rolex have been improving upon the Sea Dweller line in order to equip elite divers, Navy servicemen and water lovers worldwide. The original 1665 Sea Dweller by Rolex was rated for

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How to Appreciate a Rolex Watch
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A recent article published by describes the requirements necessary to fully appreciate a luxury watch. In order to appreciate high-end timepieces such as a Rolex Watch, one must posses a combination of experience as well as education. If one is a not familiar with the study of the measurement of time or the art of making clocks and watches, you may find yourself a bit lost. If you find yourself in this category – no problem, Gold Watch Co. wants to provide you with some basic knowledge to help you navigate the world of exclusive high-end watches.

Just what is it that makes a watch a luxury watch?

-A wrist watch tells the time, while a luxury wrist watch offers something more.

-A luxury watch should be of limited production and a high quality or custom hand-finishing.

-A luxury watch should have inherent value within the movement and a style that can be worn for many generations.

What characteristics or qualities should one look for in a luxury watch?

-A luxury timepiece has to function at the highest level. The watch brand should have quality craftsmanship with attention to detail. You can also tell a lot about the watch company from their after sales service and their long term commitment to servicing your watch.

-When searching for a luxury timepiece such as a Rolex Watch, one should consider value retention as well as warranty service provided by the seller.

On that note, go ahead and

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Rolex to Use Youtube as New Advertising Platform
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Rolex has recently announced that their ads will begin on Youtube. The next time you decide to watch your favorite viral video, you may find yourself viewing a Rolex Watch advertisement prior to viewing. Since Rolex is deemed one of the most luxurious brands in the world, it comes as a shock to many that Rolex would choose Youtube as an advertising platform especially since they are notoriously selective as to where they place their ads.

While Youtube usually surpasses more than 2 billion visitors per day, the average age of the visitors is around 18-24, while the average age of the Rolex Watch owner is around 45-54. This can either be seen as a major oversight on Rolex’s part or an attempt to capture the younger audience. Either way, expect your Youtube experience to be more sensational going forward.

Before viewing your favorite Youtube videos, visit Gold Watch Co.  and view our selection of luxurious Rolex Watches.

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Looking to Sell Your Rolex Watch?
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Have you considered selling or trading your Rolex Watch? Gold Watch Co. has been giving our customers the best value for Rolex Watches for over 15 years. Our solid and trusted reputation makes us your #1 Rolex Dealer. Our goal is to create a long-lasting relationship.

Why Sell your Rolex Watch to Gold Watch Co?

-Your Rolex Watch is protected and insured on all shipments; enjoy peace of mind during the process.

Our process is simple and easy:

1. Complete the form on our website, or send us an email with a complete description of the watch with as many details as possible.

2. After you review our quote, give us a call (1-877-503-4055) OR send us an email that you intend to ship the watch to us.

3. Once we receive the item, we will contact you with an exact price quote, no games, no hassle.

4. Once you accept the offer, we will send you a check, or a bank wire transfer, for the full amount.


Advantages of Selling your Rolex to Gold Watch Co.

-Receive top dollar for your Rolex Watch

-No stress involved with our quick, simple and easy same-day payment process.

-Our shipping is free and completely insured both ways.

-Reep the benefits and enjoy future discounts on future Rolex Watch purchases. Once you Once you do business with, we consider you a client for life.


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Gold Watch Co. Is Now on Pinterest
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Rolex Watches can now be seen on Pinterest. Gold Watch Co. is now part of the visual “pinning” world, sharing luxurious inspiration for all. Pinterest is an online pinning board which allows users to organize and share their favorite items with friends, family and those whom you share common interests with. You can find Pinterest Board for each one of our Watches including: Rolex Datejust Mens, Rolex Datejust Ladies, Rolex President Mens, Rolex President Ladies, Rolex Daytona and more….

Pinterest is the ideal venue to showcase your favorite Rolex Watches, your current collection of Rolex Watches or even your wish list of Rolex Watches. Pin your favorite Rolex Watch to one of your fashion boards to complete a classy look. Follow us on Pinterest and let your boards speak for your personal style.

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Prepare for Graduation Season with Gold Watch Co.
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Graduation time is just around the corner! Celebrate this important milestone and reward those who have worked hard with the luxurious gift of a Rolex Watch. All of the studying and perseverance will suddenly seem like a distant memory when the new graduate is entranced with the brilliance of a Rolex timepiece. The Rolex Watch is undoubtedly the ideal reward to take the male or female graduate onto their next chapter of their life.

Let your gift be one of lifetime significance with one of Gold Watch Co.’s Rolex Watches. Browse our large collection now and feel free to contact us with any help or suggestions.

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Rolex Is More Popular Than Google in the UK
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Rolex has become the most popular brand in the United Kingdom beating out Google and Coke in a 2,000 person survey. The same survey rewarded Mercedes-Benz with the top spot in 2011.  Many credit soccer mogul, David Beckham, and his frequent adornment of the luxury Swiss timepiece as being a key contributor to this outcome. offers a wide selection of Rolex watches including David Beckham’s preferred Rolex Sea-Dweller. Browse our collection of Rolex watches and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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