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Rolex Submariner

How the Rolex Oyster Set the Foundation for Future Rolex Watches
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Considered one of Rolex’s “flagship” watch models, the Oyster was released way back in 1926.  As the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster was indeed a standard bearer that laid important structural and design foundations that many later Rolex models would be based on. For instance, most of the Rolex watches made today, nearly 90 years later, use the same case design as the original Oyster. And it’s the charter member of the exclusive Oyster Professional collection of Rolex watches, which came into being in 1953.

So what was the thinking behind the Rolex Oyster? Basically, the Oyster is a timepiece with the hands-on professional in mind. Hence, the layout and design is built around functionality, durability, and utility. From the beginning, the Oyster was meant to be more than a timepiece; it was intended a functional tool. Oysters are equipped with sturdier cases and extra safety features, and they undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that they hold up under the most extreme conditions. This durability makes them perfect for enterprising race car drivers, pilots, divers, climbers, explorers, as well as those involved in scientific and/or industrial work.

Rolex Oyster Professional Category

As mentioned, the Rolex Oyster Professional category was born in 1953. The category comprises several highly utilitarian watch models, with a few prominent examples listed below:

  • The Submariner – Used by divers, the Submariner was the first waterproof timepiece to depths of 100 meters. It also featured a cool rotatable bezel, perfect for divers to track how

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Rolex Origins: The Submariner
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The development and subsequent introduction of the Rolex Submariner occurred in 1953. It was designed to be waterproof, mainly for divers, as it works perfectly to a depth of 330 feet or about 100 meters.

As a member of the Rolex board of directors, Rene-Paul Jeanneret discussed his passion for diving. He envisioned a functional sport watch that was also elegant enough for everyday use.  Jeanneret contributed to the design of the case, the dial and the rotating bezel which allowed the diver to read underwater throughout the duration of their dive.

In order to reach this level of underwater functionality, tests were conducted over several months, not only by Rolex, but by The Institute for Deep Sea Research in Cannes, France. The Institute found that no leaks were detected after multiple dives where the Submariner reached a depth of 120 meters — twice the depth allowable for divers wearing compressed air equipment.

Rolex also tested the Submariner in 1953 by mounting the watch to the hull of August Piccards Bathyscaphe deep diving submarine.  The dive went down to 3,131.8 meters and when the Bathyscaphe emerged out of the water, the Rolex Submariner was still working perfectly. In 1960, this test was repeated by Jacques Piccard but this time at a depth of 10,916 meters. Again, the Rolex Submariner emerged working perfectly.

This professional divers’ watch had an automatic movement with a water resistance of 100 meters and became available to the public in 1954 in three different models.  One of the three

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Learn How to Accessorize with Men’s Rolex Watches This Spring and Summer
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In the age of cellphones that permanently display the date and time, you might be forgiven for forgoing a traditional wristwatch altogether. You might be forgiven, but that is not to suggest it should be done. For men looking to elevate their sense of style beyond their overtly casual peers, a stylish Rolex watch can make all the difference in the world.

With the spring here and summer just around the corner, a gold Rolex watch can elevate a casual outfit into something much more special. With a Rolex Submariner on your wrist, a light blazer and a pair of boat shoes become a classy ensemble, perfect for a night on the town or an afternoon at the beach. The small addition of a men’s gold watch to any outfit is undeniable, turning even a pair of shorts into a fashion forward statement of purpose.

If you think your summer wardrobe needs a splash of class, look no further than the vast selection of gold Rolex watches and other timepieces available from Gold Watch Co. Each of these beautiful watches are sure to make the most style conscious people you know take notice without making your outfit any less comfortable.

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