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Rolex Submariners

An In-Depth Look at the Rolex Submariner
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Rolex is a brand known for developing innovative luxury wristwatches. This brand is considered by many to be the ultimate of status symbols, with many people choosing a Rolex watch as a gift or splurge purchase to indicate they have “made it”. Beyond the luxurious components and high quality craftsmanship of these watches, many appreciate the company for the functionality and reliability offered by their watches. The Rolex Submariner is a premier example of this innovation.

This line of watches is referred to as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. These
watches were specifically designed for divers and are admired for their incredible resistance to both water and pressure. Technically a subgenre of the Oyster Perpetual line, the first Submariner was produced in 1953. It was introduced into the market the next year at the Swiss Watch Fair and was immediately received as an instant classic.

Two Submariner models were put into production in 1953. Though given distinct case reference numbers, 6204 and 6205, the two models are essentially the same, with only very minor differences nearly undetectable by those not specifically looking for them. In fact, despite the chronological order of the reference numbers, it is actually not known which model was the original production model.

Those familiar with the modern incarnation of the Submariner will note obvious differences between the Submariner wristwatches of today and the original models. For instance, the hands of the generations of watches are very different. Though today’s Submariners are characterized by cathedral hands, also

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The Relationship Between Rolex and James Bond
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What’s interesting about the relationship between James Bond and Rolex is that this was one of the earliest forms of product placement. However, Bond novelist, Ian Fleming, was not paid by Rolex to feature the watch. Fleming wanted Bond to have the right fashion and style to represent the class and cool swagger of the character.  Rolex was his essential to his vision as he, too, owned a Rolex and was well aware of its impression on society, even back in the 50s and 60s.  Amazing to think how one of the most iconic characters ever was originally written to wear a Rolex Watch.  That shows that Rolex was already THE name in luxury watches over 60 years ago.

Surprisingly, Rolex did not provide a watch for the first film’s production. The film’s remaining budget couldn’t afford one either. So for Fleming’s vision to be upheld, a producer took the Rolex off his wrist and gave it to the art department. That Rolex was a Submariner. Fleming never specified in the Bond books what model he intended Bond to wear so that’s why you see a Submariner used in ‘Dr. No’ as it was the Rolex available on set that day and made available by the producer.

Product placement is now heavily used in today’s film and TV as companies will pay big bucks for popular characters to wear or use their products in hopes of capturing the “James Bond effect.” Walter White drives a Chrysler 300 on

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Rolex Named Britain’s Superbrand of 2013
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Rolex has earned the prestigious Superbrand of 2013, a title given out to the best brand in the UK based on the polling of marketing experts, consumers, and British professionals.

You can view the entire list of results here.

This shows what an international phenomenon Rolex continues to be in the luxury timepiece marketplace as well as society and popular culture.  There are many fine watches out there, but none bring the clout and prestige that the Rolex name delivers well beyond the actual watch on your wrist.

On our Facebook page, we mentioned how the character of James Bond has become associated with the Rolex since the earliest films were released.  Bond novel writer, Ian Fleming, designed the character’s attire and purposely chose him to wear a Rolex based on his own Rolex watch as Bond needed to be the epitome of class and style.  This was over 60 years ago!  As you can see, Rolex continues to set the bar but also BE the bar for high fashion and luxury style watches.  In a word, they’re flat out cool.

Browse for all of our latest deals on Rolex watches — even the Rolex Submariner like Bond used to wear.


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If you haven’t already, like on Facebook to enjoy daily updates and promotions exclusive to Facebook users only.  You’ll find watch winder giveaways and all the latest Rolex news and updates to our store.  Plus you’ll find some cool Rolex-related pictures too.

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Own the Most Popular Rolex in 2012 – The Submariner
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Of the top 50 luxury watch models, the Rolex Submariner continues to be the most popular purchase on the list.  The Rolex Submariner is a rare breed since it combines both luxury and sport features.  It’s the ultimate diver’s watch but looks great with a suit and tie too.  When you factor the price, this watch is the pound for pound title holder for luxury timepieces, beating out models from Omega, Breitling, IWC, Patek and more.

If you’re shopping for a Submariner, feel free to contact GoldWatchCo’s expert staff — 1 (877) 503-4055 in order to learn more about our large selection of low priced Rolex Submariners in stock including Stainless Steel, 18 K Gold and Stainless Steel and 18 K Yellow Gold.


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Happy New Year from
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We just want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2013.  We’re excited about the upcoming year and providing more great prices on Rolex watches including President, Submariner, Datejust II models for men and ladies.

If you’re interested in a Rolex watch, you should hear what we have to say. Call 1 (877) 503-4055.

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New Rolex Submariner Official Video
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How to Appreciate a Rolex Watch
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A recent article published by describes the requirements necessary to fully appreciate a luxury watch. In order to appreciate high-end timepieces such as a Rolex Watch, one must posses a combination of experience as well as education. If one is a not familiar with the study of the measurement of time or the art of making clocks and watches, you may find yourself a bit lost. If you find yourself in this category – no problem, Gold Watch Co. wants to provide you with some basic knowledge to help you navigate the world of exclusive high-end watches.

Just what is it that makes a watch a luxury watch?

-A wrist watch tells the time, while a luxury wrist watch offers something more.

-A luxury watch should be of limited production and a high quality or custom hand-finishing.

-A luxury watch should have inherent value within the movement and a style that can be worn for many generations.

What characteristics or qualities should one look for in a luxury watch?

-A luxury timepiece has to function at the highest level. The watch brand should have quality craftsmanship with attention to detail. You can also tell a lot about the watch company from their after sales service and their long term commitment to servicing your watch.

-When searching for a luxury timepiece such as a Rolex Watch, one should consider value retention as well as warranty service provided by the seller.

On that note, go ahead and

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Rolex to Use Youtube as New Advertising Platform
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Rolex has recently announced that their ads will begin on Youtube. The next time you decide to watch your favorite viral video, you may find yourself viewing a Rolex Watch advertisement prior to viewing. Since Rolex is deemed one of the most luxurious brands in the world, it comes as a shock to many that Rolex would choose Youtube as an advertising platform especially since they are notoriously selective as to where they place their ads.

While Youtube usually surpasses more than 2 billion visitors per day, the average age of the visitors is around 18-24, while the average age of the Rolex Watch owner is around 45-54. This can either be seen as a major oversight on Rolex’s part or an attempt to capture the younger audience. Either way, expect your Youtube experience to be more sensational going forward.

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Looking to Sell Your Rolex Watch?
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Have you considered selling or trading your Rolex Watch? Gold Watch Co. has been giving our customers the best value for Rolex Watches for over 15 years. Our solid and trusted reputation makes us your #1 Rolex Dealer. Our goal is to create a long-lasting relationship.

Why Sell your Rolex Watch to Gold Watch Co?

-Your Rolex Watch is protected and insured on all shipments; enjoy peace of mind during the process.

Our process is simple and easy:

1. Complete the form on our website, or send us an email with a complete description of the watch with as many details as possible.

2. After you review our quote, give us a call (1-877-503-4055) OR send us an email that you intend to ship the watch to us.

3. Once we receive the item, we will contact you with an exact price quote, no games, no hassle.

4. Once you accept the offer, we will send you a check, or a bank wire transfer, for the full amount.


Advantages of Selling your Rolex to Gold Watch Co.

-Receive top dollar for your Rolex Watch

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-Our shipping is free and completely insured both ways.

-Reep the benefits and enjoy future discounts on future Rolex Watch purchases. Once you Once you do business with, we consider you a client for life.


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