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Rolex Yachtmaster

A Profile of the Rolex Yachtmaster
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Why we love it: 

Atypical, intriguing and pristine, the design of the Yachtmaster by Rolex is truly unique. Once the wrist is ensconced in the Yachtmaster’s incredibly smooth oyster bracelet, it’s immediately apparent that the piece is engineered to be a true masterpiece.  While the craftsmanship is second to none, the aesthetics are out of this world. There isn’t a person in the room that won’t notice this timepiece.

The Yachtmaster one-ups conventional watches thanks to the upgraded oscillator and improved time keeping accuracy. Comprised of paramagnetic alloys like niobium and zirconium, the oscillator is up to 10 times more resistant to magnetic fields and shocks than conventional watches.  The piece features a hairspring that is thinner than a human hair. Its signature blue color is reserved for only the most accurate mechanisms.

Designed and developed to meet the needs of professional seamen and sailors, the Yachtmaster features the world’s very first programmable countdown mechanism with a mechanical memory. Synchronization and precision are just two functions of this timepiece.

A popular timepiece, the Yachtmaster’s demand far outweighs the supply. This is a great piece for Rolex collectors wanting something a little different.


The Swiss watch maker Rolex is a world renowned creator of luxury watches. Rolex has been cited for its superb craftsmanship, quality and design. The Yachtmaster watch by Rolex features all the comfort, style, technology and accuracy that are hallmarks of the Rolex brand.  One of the newest timepieces in the Rolex line, the Yachtmaster was developed

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