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Smart Watches vs. Rolex Watches

Rolex Versus Smart Watches: The Discussion Continues
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The luxury watch industry is definitely abuzz with news about Apple’s upcoming “smart watch” debuting in 2015. Like the iPhone before it, the Apple Watch boasts a ton of handy apps, an intuitive interface and functionality, and a powerful microprocessor. Consumers have read the favorable early reviews, and are poised and ready to buy the Apple Watch the moment it hits the marketplace. But does it have any chance at taking a piece of Rolex’s market share? We’ll expand on this below.

Rolex vs Smart Watches

The Apple Watch comes in three basic flavors: The bargain-priced Sport, the more expensive Watch, and the high-end Edition. There’s early talk among Apple honchos that the upper tier Edition may offer a bit of competition to the lower end Rolex models in the luxury timepiece niche, but Rolex execs are skeptical.

They correctly point out that while consumers love digital technology and novelty, Rolex has established a brand and reputation so powerful that devotees will hardly be swayed by some newfangled tech gadget. After all, they remind us, history has repeatedly seen the latest and greatest tech toys come and go each decade with surprising regularity.

The timeless, Swiss-manufactured Rolex, however, boasts chronometric precision, a rigorous and exacting manufacturing process, and the finest quality metals and fabrication materials. In short, Rolex has consistently weathered the fads, and stood the test of time as the reigning luxury watch king.

Truly No Comparison

And when it comes to the truly high-end Rolex models, the Apple

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Rolex: A Smart Watch Investment
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In a world where fad technologies emerge every other day it seems, and “the next big thing” soon becomes yesterday’s news, there’s a quiet confidence from knowing that you can count on the classics to deliver. Whether it’s meticulous craftsmanship, an enduring commitment to excellence, or simply a reputation for valuing quality over quantity, a true classic will stand the test of time. And in the world of luxury timepieces, Rolex stands tallest, and remains the standard-bearer.

So how does a watch brand over a hundred years old continue to flourish in this age of digital-everything? By starting, and then continuing a tradition of refinement and precision that has yet to be bested. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905 in London, England, Rolex today is the world’s largest luxury watch brand, producing over 2K Rolex timepieces daily.

Renowned for its sturdy design principles, chronometric precision, and cutting-edge engineering, Rolex watches have played prominent roles in many history-making moments. The first certified waterproof watch, for instance, was crafted in 1926 and named the Rolex Oyster. A Rolex was also the timepiece of choice in 1935 when a British race car driver was shattering land speed records. In the decades that followed, the Rolex brand remained at the forefront of history, even being worn by the first man to scale Mount Everest.

Rolex watches, noted for being the preferred timepiece in historical achievements, have been conspicuous in contemporary pop culture as well. Whether it’s James Bond sporting a shiny

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