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How to Recognize If A Rolex Watch is Stolen
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Rolex watches are synonymous with wealth and luxury, much like caviar, yachts, and Bentley automobiles. Big-time movie stars, royalty and aristocrats, industry magnates, and global athletes enjoy being associated with Rolex. The attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and the high-quality materials that goes into Rolex watches also contribute to their value. They have an incredibly high resale value, and are not only status symbols, but real financial investments that bring solid returns.

Consumers understand these things about Rolex watches, which explains why they are so coveted and adored. It also explains why they are so often stolen, since watch thieves also understand the monetary value of a Rolex timepiece. In fact, a search of Google News for “Rolex” will show an alarming trend: the majority of Rolex-related news items involves robberies of some kind.

The facts are clear: There are a considerable number of stolen Rolex watches in circulation. If you believe that you have received, or are in the vicinity of a stolen Rolex, you can take the following steps to determine if the watch is indeed stolen:

Identifying a Stolen Rolex

  1. Rolex maintains a Lost and Stolen Database. If you call them directly and provide the serial number of the watch in question, they can confirm whether the watch has been entered into their database, and reported lost/stolen.
  2. You can also check the serial number through the Rolex Tracker website. The site acts as an online Lost and Stolen Database, and can also be used to verify a stolen or lost Rolex.
  3. Vet the box the Rolex comes in. A standard-sized watch box is an instant tip-off that the watch may indeed be stolen, as a normal-sized Rolex box will be considerably larger.
  4. Request the paperwork. All original Rolex watches come with the warranty information and the chronometer certification documents.
  5. Carefully evaluate the reseller and their place of business. Trust your instincts; if anything seems shady or out of place, they may be handling and trafficking stolen watches.

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