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Rolex Makes Its Presence Felt at The Golden Globe Awards
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Dazzling, shiny and beautiful usually describes the women walking the red carpet at every award show.  This year’s Golden Globe Awards , however, was different.

Instead, men’s fashion was also a focal point including Ryan Seacrest’s wrist that wore a vintage, stainless steel Rolex Daytona underneath a perfectly tailored tuxedo cuff, framing the smaller, classic chronograph face against the black formalwear.  The timeless tuxedo was paired with a complementary timepiece which was likely from the late 1960s’ Rolex Daytona collection.  The stainless steel face and bezel with its black pump pushers, while casually elegant, fit the occasion and the host wearing it.

The Swiss manufactured Rolex is the most recognizable luxury timepiece in the world.  It is the status symbol of success among athletes, CEOs and celebrities alike, especially since Rolex only partners with a certain type of celebrity. Whether purchased new or vintage, Rolex is always a wise investment since it retains its resale value better than any other luxury watch.

Rolex is not only the ultimate fashion statement, as displayed on the red carpet by Ryan Seacrest, but it’s also the ultimate symbol of success as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies wear Rolexes in boardrooms across the world.  The feel of the Rolex bracelet is unmistakable and anyone who owns a Rolex can attest to that.  The balanced weight and brilliance are features that no other watch can replicate.

When CEOs or Hollywood’s elite CHOOSE Rolex over other timepieces, it further validates Rolex’s status, versatility and elegance.  Vintage or pre-owned models, whether inherited or purchased from a secure, reputable web store such as, ensure that clients receive a sound, wise investment given the 100+ year history of Rolex excellence.

Rolex has been the preeminent producer of quality timepieces for well over a century and it’s no surprise that a well-known Hollywood spokesperson such as Ryan Seacrest chose an important event to wear his own personal, vintage Rolex Daytona instead of a sponsor’s choice.  The significance of who wears what on the red carpet is no accident at an event such as the Golden Globes where millions of people are watching, not just to see who wins each award, but to see what fashion choices are being made.

Again, you’re not just buying a Rolex timepiece; you’re investing in a Rolex timepiece that’ll hold its value for years to come due to its excellent reputation and workmanship.  No other Swiss watch can compare to the superior craftsmanship that Rolex displays across its many different models and styles.

Lastly, it should come as no surprise that a vintage Rolex timepiece was the perfect pairing for formalwear at one of Hollywood’s most elite events.  Fashion choices are carefully and intentionally selected by celebrities as 80% of the attendants go home “losers” in terms of the awards handed out. However, bold fashion choices — like a vintage Rolex that is intentionally made visible by a tailored shirt — can reward a celebrity with added publicity and praise regardless if they end up winning an award or not.

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to be a celebrity or public figure to experience the winning feeling of owning a Rolex watch.

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