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Why Everyone Wants a Rolex Watch Sooner or Later
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I bet it would be nearly impossible to stop a person on the street, ask them what a “Rolex” is, and they not be able to tell you. Everyone knows what a Rolex is, and those who don’t own one (or several) probably wouldn’t mind having one. The stately crown Rolex uses as its logo and emblem, the associations with the upper crust of sports, business, and society in general, the backstory draped in mystique, the weighty, glimmering steel timepieces with the handsomely appointed dials and bezels – they’re all part of what makes Rolex the super brand it is, and why it has attained such a lofty perch in the minds of consumers.

Why Rolex Watches?

So beyond the obvious, why do people want a Rolex? Let us count a few ways:

  • To celebrate an achievement – Just as race car drivers, golf tournament winners, and other sportsmen enjoy receiving Rolex watches as a reward for their victorious achievements, everyday folks strive to commemorate their crowning triumphs in similar fashion. Maybe it’s a college graduation, that first big raise or promotion, the birth of a child (and eventual heir to that Rolex), or some other personal milestone, the watch brand most closely linked with success is the one people want to associate their meaningful achievements with.
  • To own a watch that holds its value – It’s been said that a well-kept Rolex watch is almost like having currency, so high its resale value. For example, a Rolex watch has a movement that is a modern feat of advanced engineering, such that it can work correctly and keep accurate time decades after it was purchased. Additionally, the brand itself carries so much weight that all of Rolex’s positive qualities become indirectly linked to the timepiece itself, further boosting its resale value.
  • To wear a timepiece with a storied history – Rolex was founded by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, and the brand has been making history ever since. It was the first self-winding mechanism with a Perpetual Rotor and the first waterproof watch up to 100 meters. It was also the first watch to reach the depths of the Mariana trench intact and the first watch to scale Everest intact and functional. Beyond that, each model like the Oyster, Submariner, and Cosmograph, for instance, has with it an interesting and compelling backstory.

All in all, Rolex has done an incredible job of conveying the exacting traits its wants in consumers’ minds: quality, history, mystique, precision, success, and status. It’s why Rolex remains at the top of its class, and it’s one of the most sought after luxury items in the world.

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